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  • Emergency Text Message System


In an effort to better disseminate emergency information, Washington & Jefferson College has implemented a mass notification text messaging system powered by e2Campus.  This emergency messaging system will alert students, faculty, and staff during a campus or weather emergency via a text message to your mobile phone, e-mail, wireless PDA, as well as RSS feeds and personalized web pages from Google, My Yahoo and AOL.

Sign up now for this completely voluntary service to receive W&J emergency alerts. There will not be any advertising or non-emergency alerts sent to you.  You must be registered to receive the alerts.

Before you register:

  • This service is completely voluntary; you may sign up for or cancel the service at any time.
  • You are responsible for text messaging charges as they may apply from your wireless service provider. W&J will not be responsible for any charges originating from your service provider.
  • Your information will not be shared with or sold to third party vendors.

New Users: Register Now
Existing Users: Log In to add an email or other phone numbers and accounts

Registration Instructions:

View the Youtube Video instructions or read the instructions below:  

1. Make sure your cell phone is on; click the Register Now link.  You will be asked to log in with your W&J username and password.

2. Once you log in, you will be directed to the Create Account form.  Complete the form and click the Create Account button.  

3. You will then be directed to e2Campus' Validate Mobile Phone page, and a text message will be sent to your mobile phone with a 4-digit validation number. 

IMPORTANT: Enter your 4-digit validation number and click the Validate button.   You are now set up to receive W&J's emergency text messages.

NOTE: If you fail to properly validate your mobile phone, you will NOT receive emergency text messages.


Parents can sign up for this service by having their student add their mobile phone number and/or e-mail address to his/her account.  The student logs in and selects the Services tab.  An additional number or e-mail can be added in the following menu.