Many issues and concerns can be addressed best in a supportive group atmosphere. In a group setting you can learn that you truly are not alone with your concerns, you can practice new skills and behaviors with others who are learning about similar things, or share your thoughts and feelings with peers who are dealing with concerns you share in common. If you would be interested in any one of the following group topics, we will be very happy to help form a group for you. Just e-mail and indicate which group topic you would be interested in. We'll keep your contact information, and as soon as we have 4 or more students interested in a topic we will launch that group. If you would like to propose another group topic, please feel free to e-mail us with your idea as well.

Some topics which are particularly good for groups include:

  • Body Image and Eating Concerns group
  • Grief and Loss group
  • Homesickness
  • Launching into the world: Support for seniors
  • Sexual assault survivors group
  • Shyness and social anxiety group
  • Stress management skills group
  • Relationship skills group

Some notes about group:

Confidentiality ~ Group therapy records are protected by laws and ethics codes to keep your group therapy information secure and confidential.  The individual group members also agree to keep each other's participation and information confidential as a condition of joining the group.

Location ~ All groups will meet in our new group meeting room in the Student Health and Counseling Services Center located on the ground floor of New Res Hall.

Times ~ When we have 4 or more students interested in any one topic we will coordinate schedules to choose the best time for all who are interested.  If the topic lends itself to open or rolling group membership, the time may then be listed here.

Session Limits ~ There are none!  You may participate in as many group sessions as you like as long as you are enrolled as a student at W&J.