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  • Student Self-Care Kiosks


Free & available during regular business hours!

The Self Care Kiosk is located just inside the Student Health and Counseling Center doors in New Res Hall on the ground floor.

WHAT IS IT FOR? It supplies over the counter items that you may need for a headache, sore throat, small cut, upset stomach, muscle ache, minor illness or injury, new coughs & colds, sinus pain/pressure, cramps, nausea.

1.Help yourself to the supplies you need.
2.Follow up with the nurse if you have any questions or concerns or your symptoms get worse instead of better and you need further assistance within 24-48 hrs.
3.Please let us know what you think and feel free to suggest any other items you would like to see available.

SOME AVAILABLE ITEMS: Acetaminophen (Tylenol-can take 2 every 4 to 6 hours), Ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin - can take 2 with food every 6 to 8 hours) both for headaches, muscle aches & pain, fever, sore throat.
Salt, cups & stirrers for salt water gargles & cough drops,  cough syrup (generic Robitussin - can take 1 single pack every 4 to 6 hours), for sore throat, cold, sinus drainage & cough.
Generic Dayquil (cold medication take 2 every 6 to 8 hours.)
Pepto Bismal tablets for upset stomach/Diarrhea - can take 2 chewable tablets up to 8 times per 24 hour period.
Other items available: tea bags, condoms, antibiotic ointment, tampons, disposable thermometers, bandaids, pretzels, crackers, tums & gatorade (Ask for nurse or receptionist to retrieve the gatorade from the refrigerator). Ziplok bags to use for ice & heat compresses (put warm washcloth or chilled washcloth inside bag)

* Please note this is intended to help students during busy times when they are in a hurry between classes & cannot wait to see the nurse or when they have only a minor problem or illness that may have just started in the past day or so. Students should feel free to follow-up with any health issue or concern that does not get better or worsens within 24 to 48 hours.