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Most students have concerns when they are contemplating meeting with a counselor. These issues can be deeply personal and sometimes difficult to talk about. Rest assured that your discussions with W&J counselors are:

  • Confidential*
  • Private
  • Professional
  • Voluntary

First Session - Counseling begins with a 50-minute initial appointment. During this time, you and the counselor will explore the your current concerns and needs and determine how SCS can help. Following the initial appointment, the counselor will suggest options to help you choose a plan that will best address your concerns.

On-Going Services - After the initial appointment, you may choose to continue to work with a campus counselor or may be referred to other treatment or resources that can best help you with the issue.

And Beyond - If the we agree the best plan is on-campus sessions, you may meet with the counselor regularly for up to 12 sessions per academic year.

*A Note on Confidentiality

Student counseling services are confidential and separate from students' academic records. Student privacy is protected by state and federal confidentiality guidelines. No information is shared without a student's written consent, unless otherwise required by law, or required by emergency circumstances.  To learn more about Student Counseling Service Policies and Privacy please read the attached documents.

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