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"Jake Meyers is an undergraduate studying biology and environmental studies. In August 2012 he volunteered for two weeks on the UBELONG Volunteer Abroad in Galapagos, Ecuador. Inspired by his experience, upon returning to the W&J campus he became a UBELONG Campus Leader and recruited eleven classmates to head back to Ecuador with him. Jake proved to be an exemplary leader—he was diligent and dynamic, and the way he communicated his passion for the environment was inspirational.


This past March, during their spring break, Jake and his team left for Ecuador to join the UBELONG Volunteer Abroad in the Amazon. For a week they worked on conservation initiatives alongside the local population. They were a hard-working team, and all of us on the UBELONG team are very thankful for their work." - Ubelong Volunteer Abroad


For more information about these students experience, visit the stories from the Ubelong website below:


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Volunteer Interview: Desiree, an undergrad at Washington and Jefferson College in Pennsylvania, makes an impact volunteering in the Amazon

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