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Help reduce the use of disposable products. Last academic year W&J consumed approximately 238,000 styrofoam “to go” containers and paper boats, which were used for only minutes before heading to the landfill.

The Sustainability Committee and Parkhurst are proud to offer faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to use reusable “To Go” containers.

Request a container from Justin Dandoy via e-mail to He will send you a container via campus mail, or it can be picked up in the Student Life suite on the 3rd floor of Rossin..

How it works:

Take the container to the cashier at G&Ts or the Commons. You hand the container to the cashier, she/he will then hand you a clean container in which to place your food. You enjoy your delicious food outside or in your office and then rinse out the container.

Next time you head to G&Ts or the Commons for food, simply bring your used container with you. Place your order with the cashier, hand him/her your used container, and the cashier will hand you a clean container in which to place your food.

Please note: you have to give a container to the cashier in order to get a clean one for your food. Therefore, you must always bring your used container with you when you go to eat. To get your first container or if you have any questions or concerns please e-mail

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