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Articulation Agreement

In 2011 W&J College and Community College of Allegheny County signed this articulation agreement to assist CCAC students interested in completing a four-year degree at W&J.There is also a separate articulation agreement for CCAC Honors students.

W&J Transfer Policies

Only courses in which the student earns a grade of C- or better may be transferred to W&J. All courses and credits transferred into Washington & Jefferson College will be transferred with a grade of “TR” and will not be used in calculating the W&J grade point average.

No more than 16 courses from other institutions may be applied toward W&J College’s graduation requirements. W&J requires 32 courses plus two Intersession courses for graduation. 16 completed, approved courses from CCAC will transfer as 16 completed courses for the purpose of satisfying W&J requirements.

No more than three transfer courses may be applied toward requirements in the academic major.

Students may transfer no more than two online courses to W&J. (Students who began their studies at CCAC prior to fall 2012 are exempt from this restriction). No online courses may be used to satisfy requirements in the academic major. Online courses may be used for general electives. Other restrictions on the transferability of online courses are indicated below.

Some departments (e.g. Economics and Business, Psychology) require that specific courses in their major must be taken at W&J. See the section, "Notes on Specific Majors," for more information.

Choosing W&J

Enrolling at W&J as a Part-time Student
Students planning to complete majors or programs that require certain foundational courses be taken at W&J should consider taking courses at W&J while working on their two-year degree at CCAC. Such students, if enrolled as part-time students, will gain access to faculty advisors, W&J programming, library resources, etc.

Becoming a part of the W&J Community
Students planning to transfer to W&J College should contact the W&J Admissions Office for application forms and to have their transcripts evaluated. Once accepted and matriculated, students will be interviewed and advised as part of our regular practices for transfer students. Students should select an academic major prior to arriving at W&J, and meet with the department chair for that major (or his/her representative) within the first week of their first semester at W&J.

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