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W&J Advising Guide for CCAC Transfer Students

This document provides guidance and advice to CCAC students interested in matriculating to W&J College. If you want to learn more about the W&J curriculum, you can browse the full W&J College Catalog. Information about specific majors and programs appears in the Areas of Study section of the full catalog.

General Information for CCAC Students

Understanding the W&J Curriculum

Notes on Specific Majors

This section contains the articulation agreement between W&J College and CCAC, specific information on W&J transfer policies, and information about how to get started at W&J.

This section summarizes W&J graduation requirements, and provides information (exemptions, course transfer options) specific to CCAC students.

Some departments have specific restrictions on transfer courses applied to their majors. These are detailed in this section.

Courses of Study

Additional Courses Pre-Approved for Transfer, by Subject

W&J Advising Checklist

This section helps you complete the four CCAC Associates Degrees listed below with courses that will transfer directly to W&J. We have a program transfer sheet for each of these programs, listing for each CCAC degree requirement up to six courses that are pre-approved for transfer to W&J.

  • CCAC General Studies Associate of Arts Degree
  • CCAC General Studies Associate of Science Degree
  • CCAC Liberal Arts and Sciences Associate of Arts
  • CCAC Liberal Arts and Sciences Associate of Science Degree

This section lists CCAC courses that have been pre-approved for transfer to W&J, in the subjects ART, BUS, ECN, ACC, ENG, HIS, CIS, MTH, MUS, PHL, POL, PSY, and SOC. Since only three courses may transfer toward major requirements, each listing also indicates what CCAC courses students should take if interested in these W&J majors.

Use this checklist to keep track of the courses you have taken, and how they satisfy W&J graduation requirements.

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