If you think you might want to start your own business someday or take a leadership role in an established business, you will be well-served by an educational background that combines solid business know-how with a liberal arts education. Corporations want to see technical skill and an ability to think clearly, make good decisions, carry projects through to completion and work well with customers and colleagues.

Of course, you will want to take some business courses, and our faculty can guide you in selecting ones that will suit your interests and needs. We have majors in Business Administration, Economics, Accounting and International Business, as well as a number of minors that focus on business applied in areas like art, science and healthcare. More information about business-related majors, visit the Economics and Business Program page.   

W&J counts among its alumni many successful business executives who provide valuable information, mentoring, internships and job opportunities to W&J graduates. Two well-known alumni are Dick Clark, chairman and CEO of Merck Pharmaceuticals (Fortune #85), and Dr. Kenneth Melani, CEO of Highmark, one of the largest private companies in the U.S. Both of these men will tell you that they were glad to have this kind of broad education, and that it has served them well as they have guided their businesses during the years. You can read more about W&J's successful alumni on the Education for a Lifetime web page.

In addition to courses required for various majors, you might find some of the following courses of interest:

COM 220

Public Speaking

ENG 201

Professional Writing

CIS 100

Information Technology and Society

PHL 130

Moral Philosophy

PHL 230

Dimensions of Practical Ethics

POL 213

Public Policy

PSY 101

Elementary Psychology

PSY 295

Industrial or Organizational Psychology