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Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play an increasing role in the health of communities worldwide. Aid, relief and development agencies look for skilled workers who also display cultural understanding, adaptability, commitment, language skills and international experience. Positions are available at NGOs in the areas of fundraising, engineering, health care, communications, economic development and management.

W&J’s nationally recognized study-abroad programs will allow you to explore opportunities for development work in third-world countries.  Domestic organizations like VISTA and Teach for America also welcome W&J graduates.

To work in an NGO, you can major in practically any area of interest and supplement your major course work with some of the following to ensure marketability in the not-for-profit arena:

ACC 361

Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting

BIO 314


BUS 301

Organizational Behavior and Management Principles

ECN 405

Economic Development

ENG 201

Environmental Issues in the Developed and Developing World

CIS 275

Web Design and Development

POL 120

World Politics

POL 331

Politics of Developing Countries

POL 220

U.S. Foreign Policy

PSY 225

Social Psychology

SOC 261

World Societies

ANT 263

The Developing World


Any modern language through the 200 level