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  • Environmental Engineer


Given the increasing awareness of our planet’s limited natural resources and the need to steward them well, Environmental Engineering is a very promising field. At W&J, you can prepare yourself for this degree by participating in our 3-2 Engineering program with a minor in Environmental Studies. Visit the Engineering and Environmental Studies pages for more information.  You will attend W&J for three years and then complete your engineering degree at Columbia University, Case Western Reserve or Washington University in St. Louis.  At the end of five years, you will have a prestigious degree in engineering and the liberal arts. This double focus increases your attractiveness to a future employer who knows that you have the technical knowledge required of engineers and that you can write, speak, solve problems and understand global issues.

Other courses that might interest you:

BIO 320


EVS 330

Watershed Management

MUS 245

Music and the Natural Environment

POL 313

Environmental Policy

ECN 319

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

SOC 262

Environment and Society

PHL 231

Environmental Ethics

PSY 321

Psychology and the Environment