W&J graduates have gone on to successful careers in film and television as actors, directors, producers, film editors and writers.  Many of them are able to provide W&J students with useful internships that help prepare them for careers in these fields. 

If you are interested in being a film director, editor or producer, you could major in a wide variety of fields at W&J including Art, Theatre, Communications and English. Psychology is a very useful field to understand if you are constructing a film. You can also mix a major and minor — for example, majoring in Art and minoring in Communications.

Whatever your major and minor, some courses that will prepare you well for this career path are:

COM 130

Film Art

COM 140

Culture and the Media

CIS 271

Digital Media

CIS 365

Digital Film

THR 260

Production Design

THR 379

Directing for the Stage

GER 289

German Film (taught in English)

ANT 277

Sounds, Gestures and Objects: An Anthropological Perspective

PSY 324

The Psychology of Communicating

PSY 370

Sensation and Perception