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  • Financial Services Specialist


If you think you might want to work in the financial services industry, you will need a solid understanding of economics. Many W&J alumni hold leadership positions at the Bank of New York/Mellon, PNC Bank, and other major financial institutions. These alumni are available to provide career counseling, mentoring and internships. 

W&J faculty members in the Economics department can guide you in selecting courses that will suit your interests and needs.  If you are interested in an economics major, visit the College's Economics web page

In addition to taking courses required for the economics major, you might be interested in some of the following courses:

COM 220

Public Speaking

ECN 303

Money and Banking

ECN 321

International Finance and Macroeconomics

ECN 421

International Trade Theory

ENG 201

Professional Writing

CIS 100

Information Technology and Society

PHL 130

Moral Philosophy

PHL 230

Dimensions of Practical Ethics

POL 213

Public Policy

PSY 295

Industrial or Organizational Psychology