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  • Hospitality Manager


If you are interested in owning and operating a hotel or restaurant, or working in travel, tourism or recreation, you can major in a wide variety of fields. As in any business, a successful leader in the hospitality industry will need to know how to manage people, projects and budgets, communicate effectively with customers and staff, and have a solid understanding of marketing.

In addition to the courses you will take as part of your major, you might be interested in some of the following courses:

ACC 211

Principles of Accounting 1

BUS 307


BUS 350

Human Resource Management

COM 220

Public Speaking

ENG 201

Professional Writing

ESP 301

Business Plan Writing

CIS 100

Information Technology and Society

MUS 261

American Music

PHL 230

Dimensions of Practical Ethics

PSY 101

Elementary Psychology

PSY 295

Industrial or Organizational Psychology