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  • International Business Leader


If you think you might want to start a global business or take a leadership role in an established international business, you will be well-served by an educational background that combines solid business know-how with a liberal arts education and a global outlook. Corporations want to see technical skill and an ability to think clearly, make good decisions, carry projects through to completion and work well with customers and colleagues from all over the globe. W&J counts among its alumni numerous successful business executives, including Dick Clark, Chairman & CEO of Merck Pharmaceuticals (Fortune #85) the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world, with offices around the globe.  

Students majoring in International Business also combine their course work at W&J with study abroad and/or an international internship to ensure that they will be able to participate fully in the global economy of the future. 

The College counts among its alumni numerous CEOs of varied businesses, many international, who remain connected to the College and who provide valuable information, mentoring, internships and job opportunities to graduates of W&J.  You can find some of their life stories in Education for a Lifetime.  

In addition to your courses in language and business, you may find some of the following courses interesting:

ANT 263

Developing Societies

ART 101

World Art

COM 220

Public Speaking

ECN 421

International Trade Theory

ENG 201

Professional Writing

ENG 260

World Literature

HIST 151

Asian Heritages

HIST 261

Latin American History

CIS 100

Information Technology and Society

MUS 141

Music of the World

PHL 230

Dimensions of Practical Ethics

POL 120

International Politics

POL 213

Public Policy

PSY 101

Elementary Psychology

PSY 295

Industrial or Organizational Psychology