The Pre-Law program advises students interested in the legal profession and helps prepare students for admission into law school with great success. In 2007, 31 of 34 W&J graduates who applied to law school were admitted. Although no specific courses are required for pre-law students and such students may major in any subject they choose, pre-law students are encouraged to take the following courses:

ENG 200

Advanced Composition

POL 110

Origins of American Government

ENG 265

American Literature

BUS 319

Business Law

CIS 241

Introduction to Data Mining

BUS 302

Corporate Financial Management

PHL 232


ACC 341


PHL 123


HIS 333

U.S. Constitutional History

ECN 323

Labor Economics

ECN 101

Principles of Economics

PSY 101


POL 412

Supreme Court and the Bill of Rights