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  • Multi-Media Producer


If you are interested in learning how to communicate through a variety of media (print, television, film, digital imagery, etc.), you might consider the graphic design concentration at W&J, which is an interdisciplinary program of the art and computing and information studies departments. W&J graduates have been successful in all of these related fields.

Any student, regardless of major, can participate in the graphic design concentration, which teaches you to develop sophisticated imagery that is reflective of your personal style.

To fulfill the concentration in graphic design, you need to complete the following:

ART 108

2-D and 3-D Design

ART 112

Beginning Drawing

CIS 271

Digital Media

CIS 361

Digital Imaging

ART 425

Graphic Design Studio

Successful multi-media producers also need to understand business and marketing. You should know how to listen, take direction, and implement the ideas of your clients. The following courses will help you succeed in the field of multi-media production:

BUS 100

Contemporary American Business

BUS 307


BUS 401

Small Business Analysis

COM 140

Culture and the Media

ENG 111


ENG 203

Editing and Print Design

ESP 101

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

CIS 365

Digital Film

CIS 400

Service Learning Project Management

PSY 370

Sensation and Perception