Since its founding in the 1960s, the Peace Corps has played a major role in helping developing societies to build infrastructure like roads and schools and improve the lives of their people. The Peace Corps looks for skilled workers who also display cultural understanding, adaptability, commitment, language skills and international experience. Many young people find the Peace Corps is an attractive job after college when they do not yet have families and so are more mobile and adventuresome.

Students with all majors are welcomed by the Peace Corps. Whatever your major, if you are interested in fostering international development through agencies like the Peace Corps, you might find some of the following courses of interest. 

ANT 263

The Developing World

ENG 260

World Literature

ECN 405

Economic Development

EVS 201

Environmental Issues in the Developed and Developing World

HIS 274

World Environmental History

POL 120

World Politics

POL 331

Politics of Developing Countries

POL 220

U.S. Foreign Policy

PSY 225

Social Psychology

SOC 261

World Societies

Modern Language through the 200 level