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  • Public Health Worker


The field of public health is growing fast, both in the United States and worldwide. Public health workers can work in a number of different areas, from assisting in clinics that serve the poor, serving as hospital administrators, working as international aid workers, to advising on national health policy to govern programs like Medicare.  As we become more aware of health care costs, public health care workers are those who help to determine which kinds of services are offered, to whom, and how.   

Public health workers often major in sociology or politics but they may also come from a pre-medical background.  Whatever your major, you may find some of the following courses interesting.

ANT 263

The Developing World

BIO 100

Introduction to Biology

BIO 314


BUS 350

Human Resource Management

ENG 201

Professional Writing

EVS 201

Environmental Issues in the Developed and Developing World

CIS 275

Web Design and Development

MTH 225

Probability and Statistics

PHL 130

Moral Philosophy

PHL 230

Dimensions of Practical Ethics

POL 213

Public Policy

POL 310

Public Administration

SOC 265

Urban Sociology

SOC 335

Sociology of Health Professions

PSY 225

Social Psychology

PSY 303

Organizational Behavior Management

PSY 392

Psychology of Management