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  • Sports Management


Approximately half of the students at W&J participate in varsity athletics, and many of our student athletes turn this passion into a career. Whether you are an athlete who wants to manage individual athletes’ careers or manage a sports facility like a major stadium, W&J can help craft a curriculum to spur you on to success. In any case, a keen understanding of sports is critical, as is knowledge of basic business principles like accounting, finance, human resources and organizational development. 

W&J has many successful alumni who have pursued sports management, including Roger Goodell '81, Commissioner of the National Football League; Peter Sullivan '79, regional vice president and general manager of the University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals; and Joe Philbin '84, offensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers. Some of these alumni may offer internships to students and provide career counseling.

Coursework for a career in sports management might include:

ACC 211

Principles of Accounting

BIO 100

Introduction to Biology

BCH 333


BUS 100

Contemporary American Business

BUS 307


BUS 350

Human Resources Management

COM 220

Public Speaking

ENG 201

Professional Writing

ESP 310

Business Plan Writing

PED 106

Attaining the Mental Edge

PSY 285

Physiological Psychology

PSY 303

Organizational Behavior Management

PSY 392

Psychology of Management