The education department at W&J has a long history or producing superb teachers in a wide variety of subjects and at all levels. We are one of the few small colleges in the state where you can be certified at all levels of elementary, middle and secondary school, as well as in special areas, including art education, environmental education, French, German, and Spanish.  As you probably know, our certified graduates are in great demand and have a superb record of success on the job market. 

The philosophy of the program is that we learn by teaching, and so students work in the classroom even in their freshman year. Our internship program lets you discover early on if teaching is for you and, if it is, the internship gives you valuable experience as you work your way through the program that culminates in student teaching.

If you want to be a teacher, you will probably want to major in child development and dducation, which is an interdepartmental major that offers a complete approach to how children learn, focusing on development from birth through childhood. The major combines coursework in education and psychology. Once you have completed this major, you will understand developmental needs and cognitive abilities of students across a broad range of situations and academic disciplines.  In other words, you will be prepared to be a teacher.

Click here to view the requirements for this major and the requirements to become a certified teacher.

In addition to the courses in CDE and those required for certification, you may be interested in courses like the following:

COM 218

Story Telling

COM 220

Public Speaking

ENG 261

Children’s Literature

SOC 223

Juvenile Justice

SOC 234

The Sociology of Education