Dear Colleagues,

This fall, we are attempting to create a buzz around the diversity theme of "Access and Privilege in an Election Year."  Towards this end, we have created a poster, a small version which can be accessed at this link - .  You should see full size versions posted around campus.  (If your department or building is missing one, let me know and I'll send one to you.) You might also notice there is a large blank space at the bottom of the poster.  This if for advertising events related to the theme.  

When you schedule events for this fall that seem to be related to the theme, whether organized by faculty, staff, or students, please send me the details and I will attempt to have this information attached at the bottom of the posters as an additional means of advertising the event.  When the next related event comes along, I'll simply tape the new event over the previously advertised one.  

Much of our national debate centers on the ideas of access and privilege—campaign financing, voter ID laws, tax breaks, etc. Whatever the issues are that matter in your classes,  I hope you'll find a way to bring this diversity theme to the attention of your students sometime this semester.  


Mark Swift
Faculty Diversity Associate


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