Dear Supervisor,

Thank you for your participation in the Job Fair last week.

A number of students eligible for work study have not been able to secure positions on campus so I am trying to quickly gauge how many positions are still available. Remember that we have a job posting website (College Central Network) for work study positions. This is our only way of advertising to students the positions that are still vacant. 

If you have remaining openings for student workers, please register your department and post your job at as soon as possible.

To register your department, click on “Employers”, “Register Now”, and fill out your information listing your company name as W&J and your department, for example, W&J Financial Aid. I will finish your registration and send you an email with your password. 

Once you have received your password via email, you can post your job. Go back to Click on “Employers” and then “Online Services” where you will be prompted to enter your login information. Choose “Post a new job” from the menu and enter your job information. Be sure to mark the job specifically as a work study position and to be viewed by students only.

Remember that students who are eligible for work study already have their Work Authorization Form (WAF).  Students should not be hired unless they have this form.  No more WAFs will be provided unless we can place the students already promised jobs.

I have a list of students who have contacted me saying they can’t find positions. If you would like a copy of that list, I will be happy to e-mail it to you. All of these students are also being told to check on the CCN for available jobs.

Please contact me at extension 6019 if you have any questions.  I appreciate your cooperation in this process. 


Chris Shaffer

Financial Aid Counselor


Email approved by Vice President Newell


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