If you have not already done so, please visit the College’s Election 2012 page for information about completing an absentee ballot, registering to vote in the state of Pennsylvania, and links to election resources.  Please also participate in the many election-related events organized by students, faculty and staff this fall.  This email message will provide you specific information about local voter registration and your voter identification options.

The deadline to register to vote in the state of Pennsylvania is October 9, 2012.  The local voter registration and election office is very close to campus, at the following address:

Courthouse Square

100 West Beau Street

Suite 206

Washington, PA 15301

Primary Phone: 724-228-6750

Voter Registration and Election Office

Acceptable forms of voter identification include a Pennsylvania driver’s license or PennDOT photo ID card (valid for voting 12 months past expiration date), a U.S. passport, a military ID, or an employee photo ID issued by the Federal government, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania County, or Pennsylvania Municipal government.  You may also consider completing an Absentee Ballot.

Some W&J student ID cards are already in compliance with the new PA voter ID law.  First year students who received ID cards at LAUNCH III already have expiration dates printed on their ID cards.  Going forward, student ID cards will include an expiration date, as is the practice at many other colleges and universities.  The College will issue expiration date stickers for students who do not have an expiration date printed on their ID card.  Stickers will be issued in the Office of Student Life beginning October 1, 2012; more information is forthcoming. 

We also strongly encourage students to consult VotesPA to inform themselves about all of their options.  Like many other colleges and universities nationwide, we encourage you to think of voting not just as a right, but as a responsibility.  When you cast your ballot in November, you will be fulfilling a civic responsibility.  


Byron P. McCrae

Vice President & Dean of Student Life


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