The Environmental Studies Grant funds original projects designed to promote environmental conservation/sustainability anywhere in the world. The broadest definition of “environment” is applied to include natural and human-built ecosystems.    


  • Two grants of up to $3500 each will be awarded during the academic year.


  • The project must be completed within one calendar year of receiving the funds.


  • The grant MAY be used for necessary travel.


  • Applicants must be full-time enrolled and in good standing with the College.


  • The grant is available to all students in all classes.


  • The project proposal may be part of a class project, including a senior capstone project.


  • Grantees are expected to share the outcomes of the projects in appropriate classroom presentations, public presentations, and/or poster sessions.


  • Deadline for proposals for the upcoming year is 1 November for Intersession and 1 March for summer.


  • One hardcopy of the proposal must be submitted via the campus box of Dr. Robert East (# 3150), and one electronic copy must also be submitted to


  • Proposals may be any length, should be well-written and organized, and must contain:


o   Introduction/Background – Describe the relevance/importance of the project, including a brief literature review where appropriate. Mention relevant coursework/experiences you have had.

o   Goals/Objectives – Make them very specific and realistic. If experiments are involved, properly articulated hypotheses should be included.

o   Materials/Methods – Describe where your project will be implemented, the people to be involved, materials to be purchased, how any data will be analyzed, activities to be carried out, and how success/failure will be measured.

o   Timeline and Budget – Indicate weeks/months and specific costs

o   Appendices with the following: most recent transcript and one letter of recommendation from a faculty member

Contact Dr. Robert East at 724-503-1001 (x 3358), or


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