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Each Breadth of Study area (ARTS, HUM, SSC, NSM) and Academic Skill Development area (C, Q, W) has its own unique requirements. Faculty propose courses to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, who reviews them to make sure they meet these requirements before designating them as part of the general education curriculum. All Breadth of Study courses carry their own learning outcomes related to the content of the individual course and the specific discipline to which it belongs. These are evaluated through the common course evaluation tool and reviewed by individual faculty members, department chairs, and the VPAA. Course evaluations for courses that teach academic skills (C, Q, W) also include skill development assessment questions, which are reviewed by the individual faculty members, department chairs, and the VPAA. Technology skills are integrated throughout the curriculum through the course approval process: faculty indicate which skills related to information technology are taught in new courses, and the Curriculum and Program Committee reviews this as part of the overall course approval process. The Foreign language skills requirement is monitored through the Modern Languages department and their regular processes of course and program-level assessment.

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