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Course Director Quick Start Guide (Download PDF version)

MBS Direct’s Service Center tool makes adopting and maintaining course materials quick and easy. 

You can access Course Director with your username and password at  If you do not know your login information, it can be retrieved by using the “Forgot Password” function using your college email address.

After logging in, select the “Course Director” option from the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Course Director will then open in a new window (please make sure your pop up blocker is disabled if the application does not appear).

When you first enter the system, you will have access to the current and future terms.  The future terms are listed first and previous terms are listed below.  To begin making course material selections for your course, click the term you would like to begin working in:

Once inside your selected term, you will see the names of the department(s) you currently have courses in.  You can proceed to the individual course listings by choosing the department you would like to begin working with first.

The next screen will display all courses available in that department.  Click on a course you are teaching to add the appropriate course materials.  Once inside the course, select “Add Adoptions” in the upper left hand corner.

From the next screen, you can do one of three things:

1.     Type in the 10 or 13 digit ISBN of the book you would like to adopt, then click “search” to locate it in our database.

2.     Search MBS Direct’s catalog for a book by subject.

3.     Indicate your course has a non-title adoption (No Text Required, Materials Available from Instructor, etc.)

4.     If your course does not need text’s, you must follow Step 3 and indicate NO TEXT REQUIRED.

See the below image for info on each:

Once you have found the textbook you wish to adopt, you can select if the book is Required or Optional, and if the students may acquire the book in used condition.  Once you have completed these setting, click “Add to Adoptions”.

If you would like to add a message to be seen by the students (“goggles are available at The Campus Store”, etc.) please click the “Create a Student Message…” link as indicated below.

You can then add another title should you wish to do so, or approve the course to indicate you have completed making selections and MBS Direct is clear to purchase inventory for your class.

* Please make sure to click APPROVE once you are satisfied with your selection.  Your adoptions are not complete until you click APPROVE.

If you have any questions about making your textbook adoptions for your course, please contact your account manager, Heather Roberts at

You may also contact Carrie Kane at

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