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  • Take the time to become informed about your student’s program of choice. A wonderful resource is a national Web site with an almost exhaustive checklist guiding your analysis:  The Center for Global Education—Study Abroad HandbookTalk to your son or daughter about why they chose the program, what they hope to gain from it, what they plan to do to prepare, etc. The Office of Study Abroad provides pre-departure materials as well - ask your student to share these with you.
  • Consider visiting your student— the second half of the semester is a great time to go. By this time, students are settled in, comfortable with their surroundings, and knowledgeable guides. Having your son or daughter proudly act as your guide is a great moment as a parent.
  • Encourage your student, guide your student, but do NOT do the preparatory work for him or her. Their attention to the necessary details involved in studying abroad is a vital part of their growth and is essential to a successful study abroad experience. Insisting that your student carry primary responsibility for the off-campus experience helps empower her, and encourages the independence and self-reliance that will ultimately make his an off-campus experience rewarding.