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What is 25Live Pro?

CollegeNet’s 25Live Pro is W&J College’s central source for all event reservations and room bookings. This system enables users to view event information and request the use of a location from any computer with internet capability.

How Do I Access 25Live Pro?

You can access 25Live Pro through the following link:

Who Can Use 25Live Pro?

Anyone with a W&J Login will be able to access 25Live Pro. Faculty, staff and a limited number of student representatives from each College recognized student club/organization will be able to request locations and resources.

Why should I use 25Live Pro? Can't I just call the location scheduler to reserve a space or check availability?

25Live Pro as it is the only acceptable and recognized method for scheduling events on campus. Using this system is an efficient method of finding an available location for your event. 25Live Pro also provides you with valuable information regarding our campus’s locations including photos, diagrams, capacities, features, etc.

What are the recommended Web Browsers?

We strongly recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are strongly discouraged.

What should I do if I need extra setup or breakdown time?

If you need additional time in a location prior to the beginning of your event or after your event concludes, you can add this to the pre-event and post-event fields. Be sure to also schedule the appropriate amount of setup time for housekeeping, as well as pre-event and post-event times for catering per the College’s scheduling policies displayed to the right of these fields on the event wizard.

How do I request additional resources for my event? (Tables, Chairs, Catering, Computers, Technology, etc.)

After selecting your location in the Event Scheduler, be sure to include anything else needed for your event in the Resources section. Be sure to also reach out to the department responsible for those resources (Facilities, Dining Services, ITS) to ensure that your request will be fulfilled. If you have a diagram or document with additional information for your event's setup, be sure to include it in the Attachments section of your event.

I want to give instructions about my locations, resources, etc. Where should I put them?

Any additional information you wish to share with the location scheduler or resource managers should be included in the Comments field at the end of the form.

How far in advance may I make a request for a location?

You may submit a request for a location 365 days in advance.

I misspelled the title of my event, can I correct my mistake online?

If your event is still in the tentative state, you can correct this mistake in 25Live Pro by clicking “Edit this Event”. If your event has been confirmed, you can correct this mistake by completing the online Change/Cancellation form. Select “Modify An Existing Event” from the drop down menu and then describe the changes you are requesting in the description field.

How long does it take to receive confirmation or denial for my requested location?

You should expect a response from the location scheduler within 3 business days. Please note, during peak periods in the semester, response times may take up to 5 business days.

Need More Assistance?

25Live Pro has a built in Help page that you can access by clicking on the Help button in the top right hand corner of 25Live. You can also call, email or submit a ticket with the ITS HelpDesk.