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     When you step into the family run restaurant and store, you'll be taken to a simpler time in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Antiques and crafts adorn the rustic walls. An old fashioned Coca-Cola cooler holds farm fresh, ice cold chocolate milk and other bottled beverages. Simple wooden table and chairs fill the restaurant and adjoining sun-porch adding to the welcoming country ambiance. You can purchase locally made pottery, candles and crafts along with a huge array of goodies to make the perfect gift. On warm days guests can sit along the expansive wooden plank front porch while enjoying cool ice cream treats. As I sit talking to Marcia Opp, one of Sam and Bev's Minor's five children and manager of the country store, I can feel the pride and joy she holds for the 35 year old family business. "We milk the cows right here, it doesn't get any fresher than that" says, Marcia.