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  • If you wish to earn W&J course credit for the internship, you will be responsible for independently covering any associated tuition costs.
  • Maxwell funds cannot be used to pay an independent organization to provide you an internship experience.  Students using third-party internship providers are not eligible for Maxwell funding.
  • You may not combine a Maxwell Internship Award with any other W&J award including but not limited to: Magellan (research award or Franklin Internship Award), Merck, EVS Grant, etc.
  • You may apply for as many W&J awards (Magellan, EVS, etc.) as you like, and, if granted more than one, accept the award that best meets your financial needs and project goals.

Application Process

The 2019 application period is now closed!

Students who meet the eligibility requirements and wish to apply for the Maxwell Internship Award must submit the following documents by 5:00 PM on March 14, 2019. Please send all documents as attachments in a single email to

  • Maxwell Internship Award Application 2019.docapplication (is now closed)
  • A current résumé;
  • A current W&J transcript from WebAdvisor;
  • A copy of the internship offer