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NOTE: Housing accommodation requests are handled differently than the procedure listed below. Students seeking such accommodations must complete the College's Housing Accommodation request form, which is found on W&J's Housing web page.

1. Self-Disclosure or Referral
The College encourages students to self-disclose early in their academic careers, though students may self-disclose at any time. It is recommended that first-year students disclose the summer before the start of the fall term if possible.

To do so, students must contact Dean Sherman, at W&J at 724-223-6008 or Her office is located in the Rossin Campus Center, upper level. She can meet students elsewhere by request.

Services are not retroactive, so early disclosure is essential. Faculty and staff may refer students with suspected disabilities.

2. Submission of Documentation
Students requesting support services and/or reasonable accommodations from Washington & Jefferson College are required to submit a Disability Self-Disclosure form and supporting disability documentation to the Assistant Dean Shermanfor Academic Advising . Students should keep copies of this documentation for their own records.


3. Review of Documentation
  Dean Sherman will   The Assistant Dean for Academic Advising will review the documentation.

4. Meeting to Discuss Accommodations
  Dean Shermanand The Assistant Dean for Academic Advising  and the student will meet to discuss the documentation and recommended accommodations.

5. Accommodation Preparation
Dean Sherman will   The Assistant Dean for Academic Advising will prepare accommodation request letters on the student's behalf.

6. Student and Instructor Meetings
At the start of the term, the student will hand deliver a recommendation letter to each instructor. The student and instructor will discuss the requested accommodations.

7. Follow-up
Dean Sherman and  The Assistant Dean for Academic Advising and the student will meet as needed to discuss the student's progress.

Grievance Process
If a student believes that his/her accommodation needs have not been met, he/she should
• speak with the course instructor to address possible misunderstandings and to seek recourse or
• speak to Dean Sherman to the Assistant Dean for Academic Advising  or
• speak to one of the Deans of Academic Affairs (tel. #724503-1001, ex. 6006)