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Students who are going abroad over the summer or who hope to participate in a program that is not on our approved program list must complete several important procedures. 

Completion of our Non-Affiliated Study Abroad Program Guidelines & Agreement electronic form at least 30 days before the program start date is mandatory. This form is to be used by students in the following instances: 

  1.  Student travel funded by W&J but not administered by the study abroad office (e.g. by grants, department funds, endowments) Students are required to enroll in the College’s international health insurance plan at least 30 days before departure.

  2. Students who seek pre-approval for credit transfer relating to study abroad activities not affiliated with Washington & Jefferson College* (e.g.: summer study abroad, and other credit-bearing international experiences outside the normal curriculum) The Office of Study Abroad may be able to facilitate enrollment in the College’s international health insurance coverage. Please inquire about this possibility at least 30 days prior to departure. Please note that enrollment in the College plan in no way implies that W&J endorses the program.   

    General Guidelines for choosing a study abroad program outside of the approved list:

    Items marked with a * are required in order to earn transfer credit.

      • The program is accredited*
      • The program is affiliated with an institute of higher education and/or is administered by a reputable third-party provider (IES, CIEE, AIFS, ISA, etc.)
      • The program will provide a transcript for transfer-credit purposes*
      • The program provides health and safety information and resources, as well as emergency contacts
      • The program provides orientation, housing information, travel and arrival instructions, and pre-departure guidance
      • The program is not in a location on the State Department Warning List   

    *students seeking to study abroad for a semester on a program that is not on the approved list can petition for permission to study on an alternate program. The Study Abroad Faculty Advisory Committee has the ability to decide whether permission will be granted. Petition applications are due 30 days before the standard deadlines of March 1 and October 1; full details are available from the Director of Study Abroad.  

    In either instance, if students hope to receive transfer credit, they must complete the Transfer of Credit Form, consulting the current list of  Faculty Approvers as appropriate. Approvals should be secured well in advance of the experience abroad.

    In either instance, students should complete the W&J Traveler Information Form and enroll in the US Department of State's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)  at least 30 days prior to departure. Please email a confirmation of your STEP enrollment to StudyAbroad@washjeff. edu.  Be sure that your travel is shown under "existing trips." Example STEP confirmation

To secure international health insurance coverage:


Please complete and submit the insurance spreadsheet and email it to at least 30 days prior to departure. Include with your email a description of your planned activities. You can access the informational brochure for the insurance plan here.

Note that the current cost is $41/30 day period. We will bill this to your student account.


Note: The Office of Study Abroad will automatically arrange the international health insurance for students who are approved to go abroad for the semester or who are going on an approved travel Intersession course. No additional form is needed.