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  • Understanding the W&J Curriculum


All W&J students must complete a minimum of 32 semester courses and 2 Intersession courses. Transfer students are not required to take a First Year Seminar, but they must meet all other requirements for general education “breadth of study,” cultural diversity, academic skills, physical education and wellness, and for the academic major. The following table presents a summary; each requirement is described in more detail in the "Details for Transfer Students" section.

Summary of W&J Graduation Requirements

I. First Year Seminar

1 course (waived for transfer students)

II. Breadth of Study

Arts (ARTS)

1 course

Humanities (HUM)

3 courses

Social Sciences (SSC)

2 courses

Natural Science and Math (NSM)

2 courses, with one lab experience

III. Cultural Diversity

1 course

IV. Academic Skill Development

Oral Communication (C)

1 course

Quantitative Reasoning (Q)

1 course

Writing (W)

3 courses

Technology Skills

Integrated across curriculum

Foreign Language

2 courses if study begins at first-year level; 1 course if study begins at second-year level

V. Physical Education and Wellness

Equivalent of 1 course (does not apply to 34-course requirement)

VI. Academic Major

Minimum of 8 to 10 courses, including capstone experience

VII. Electives

8 to 10 courses

Total: 32 semester courses + 2 Intersession courses, plus one course equivalent in physical education/wellness

Continue to the section, "Details for Transfer Students," for a list of CCAC courses that will satisfy many of these all-college requirements.