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  • Your First Days at Washington & Jefferson College


The first few weeks on a new job can be overwhelming. There are new people to meet, duties to master, and procedures to follow. There are many tasks that should be completed within the first days and weeks of your employment. Please be sure to try and accomplish these tasks in a timely manner:

New Hire Paperwork:

You will be receiving new hire paperwork from Human Resources prior to your first day of employment. Please ensure that the new hire paperwork is completed and submitted to Human Resources on or prior to your first day.

Work Hours:

Employees are expected to report to work on time daily and to remain on the job during their normal work hours. Normal work hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Security Officers work an eight (8) hour shift, scheduled by the Director.

Appropriate Attire/Appearance:

Employees are expected to exercise judgment in grooming, appearance and personal hygiene habits so that a professional and positive image is conveyed within the College community and to the public at all times. The acceptable standard of dress may vary a bit from office to office. However, all employees  are expected to maintain a professional appearance during working hours, appropriate for a business casual environment.

President Pride Fridays

Every Friday, employees are encouraged to wear an official W&J themed shirt.  Casual clothing must be appropriate for your specific work situation and everyone is encouraged to be mindful we are looked upon by students and others as representatives of the College. It is important that we maintain our professionalism even as we enjoy this new, more relaxed, dress code.

Campus Tour:

If you would like a campus tour please contact Human Resources to make arrangements.  A formal campus tour will be conducted by a member of Human Resources or your supervisor.

Get to know your Work Area:

Become acquainted with your office/job: ask your supervisor to introduce you to your coworkers; get all keys you'll need to access your office/files; take a walk around campus to learn your way around; review the files of your predecessor (if applicable); and identify and introduce yourself to individuals in other offices/departments with whom you'll be expected to interact.

Phone and Voicemail Setup:

If you have any questions regarding the setup of your phone or voicemail visit this link to the W&J ITS Helpdesk: Phones & Voicemail webpage for a complete set of instructions.

Benefits Orientation:

Meet Human Resources for your benefits orientation on or prior to your first day of employment. During your orientation, you will hear a thorough presentation from a Human Resources Representative, be able to ask questions, and have the opportunity to sign up for your benefits.  In order to make the most of your time at orientation, we strongly encourage that you take a few minutes beforehand to review the information we have prepared for you in this presentation regarding benefits.  The Human Resources department is located on the 3rd floor of Thompson Hall.  The following items will be reviewed and completed during this orientation.

Benefits Education
Benefits Enrollment
Policy and Procedure review
Read, complete, and return required documents; these documents include the policies and procedures.
Questions & answer session  regarding anything W&J, benefits, policies & procedures, and paperwork.
You may find it helpful to make a  note of your questions as you go through the site.

College ID Card:

Get an ID card: New employees should get a College ID Card from the Business Office. This will provide access to many services and events. The Business Office is located on 1st floor in Thompson Hall.

Request a Parking Pass:

Request a Parking Pass and keys through the Department of Campus & Public Safety . Ask your departmental representative what building keys or other access tools you will need for your work area. Please go to Protection Services to obtain keys and parking permit. The Department of Campus & Public Safety in located in Old Main.

Employee Handbook:

The handbook for employees is published to give current and new employees a convenient guide to useful information about the College and its policies, the use of various services, and duties and responsibilities. The handbook is for all employees.  It is, however, only a guide.


The handbook supersedes any prior handbook and does not create an express or implied contract or guarantee employment for any term.


You will receive access to the handbook once you obtain network access.


Computer Training:

All new employees who will need access to W&J's integrated information system are required to attend New Employee Datatel Colleague Training.  This training will acclimate you to W&J's information system and WebAdvisor. This Computer Training link will take you to the training registration site.   

Please schedule this training during your first week of employment.