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  • "What our Employees Say"


How has W&J changed you?

"I think I have developed a much more sincere dedication to students. This is an environment where everybody is truly invested in the success of undergraduate students.  Also, I've developed permanent bags under my eyes.  Just kidding!  Sort of.  "

What do you enjoy most about working at W&J?

"The opportunity to be creative and helpful through many different outlets (teaching, committees, advising), and the freedom and independence that I feel as a teacher and scholar.  Nobody is looking over my shoulder, and there's good will and support rather than unhealthy competition."

"The feeling of being part of a large work family"

What makes W&J special to you?

"The closeness of the campus to my neighborhood, the fact that my colleagues are also my friends and neighbors.  I also like being able walk to the library or downtown, or to bring my kids to campus for ice cream on weekends."

"The people are genuinely appreciative of any help they receive."

"W&J has a perfect community and friendly atmosphere that makes you feel like you can be yourself."