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Welcome to the Office of Campus & Public Safety wiki for current students and the campus community. Located in Old Main, the Office of Campus & Public Safety is open 24 hours daily, seven days a week, to safeguard and serve the students, staff, faculty and visitors of the College community. The department consists of sworn and unsworn officers, who are devoted to the safety of W&J's campus.

We have installed many safety measures, including 24-hour card access to our residential buildings, emergency phone boxes across campus, a 24 hour a day, seven day a week escort system and security cameras in selected locations. Safety is the responsibility of all community members and it begins with each of us.  Please lock your cars, offices and residential rooms. Contact the Campus & Public Safety immediately at 724-223-6032 in case of an emergency or safety concern.


The Division of Student Life at W&J is guided by the following values:

  • Respect, fostering an inclusive community which values equality, student advocacy, integrity and fairness.
  • Transformation, building upon W&J’s rich history to develop a brighter future for our students and our college.
  • Connection, working to create a sense of true belonging for each individual in the W&J community.
  • Purpose, working as a team toward intentional student-centered engagement.
  • Student Development: Provide an engaged learning environment where each individual student has the potential to succeed.
  • Community Development: Foster a sense of belonging and lifelong connection to W&J.
  • Holistic Learning: Provide opportunities outside the classroom that promote academic excellence and social development.
  • Diversity: Facilitate experiences that promote students’ understanding and appreciation of cultural differences.
  • Responsibility & Integrity: Empower students to take ownership for their actions, personal growth, and responsibility to the community.
  • Professional Excellence: Promote best practices and collaboration in our work to support our students and mission.
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