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The I Care Team is made up of a group of Washington & Jefferson College staff and faculty who are interested in the safety and welfare of each member of the W&J community as a whole. Please know that any information you submit will be handled confidentially, with the purpose of assisting the student you have named. If you provide your name and contact information we can follow-up with you about any additional information that may be needed to assist in the best way possible.

If this is an emergency:

  • STOP; please call Campus & Public Safety immediately at (724) 223-6032.
  • The I Care submission is not designed to notify emergency responders.
  • You may submit information to the team using the following outline. Please call a team member or e-mail to

Team members:

  • Liz McClintock, Director of Academic Advising (724) 503-1001 ext:6008
  • Sharon Taylor, Associate Dean of the Faculty (724) 503-1001 ext:6006
  • Lisa Hamilton, Director of Student Health & Counseling Services (724) 223-6107
  • Tyler Kowcheck, Director of Residence Life (724) 503-1001, Ext. 5136

Useful information includes:

  • Your name and contact information.  (Optional, but very helpful.)
  • Name of the person you are concerned about or other available identifying information.
  • If available, please provide the residence hall, phone number or cell phone for this person.
  • Please tell us if you want this to be confidential, or if you want the person to know you contacted the team, out of your concern for them.
  • Please describe your concern or observations (a specific incident which alarmed you, including the date, time and location, or the series of events you believe may be causing stress for this person.)

Note: the I Care Team members will keep this information as confidential as possible; however, please be aware that our responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of people and incidents must be balanced with the need to protect the individual and the group.


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