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Priority for parking permits is given to seniors, juniors, sophomores, and commuting first-year students—in the order that they are received by the due date. There is no cost for a College parking permit, although the College reserves the right to deny a permit to a student due to past parking violations, unpaid accounts, or other reasons. Please note that the College attempts to match the number of available parking spaces to the number of permits, but you are not assigned to a particular space.  Permits are non-transferable and are only for student lots.

All handicap parking, with the exception of the visitor's and campus center lots, are open to faculty, staff, and students with the properly displayed plate or tag.

Cars that are parked in College-owned or lease parking lots are subject to the regulations of the College. You must display your permit and park in a student lot. Violations are subject to fines, booting (a device that keeps you from being able to move your car), and/or towing at the owner's expense. Damage to College property is added to any fines.

At the start of the academic year, upperclass resident students will be issued a permit for the student lots. You will be permitted to park in any student parking lot 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Commuter and off-campus students will be issued a permit for the commuter lot on Beau Street and are not permitted to park in any of resident student lots at any time.

Weekend and overnight guests are permitted to park in the Taylor lot.

W&J operates 16 parking lots. Student parking is offered to commuter, resident and evening students. Several types of security devices and procedures help to provide for the safety of parking patrons.

Emergency telephones are installed in or immediately adjacent to each lot. Security personnel monitor, on foot, all parking lots. Most lots are monitored via security camera. Security guards make scheduled rounds of these parking areas and upon request will escort patrons to or from their vehicles.

If you would like to be able to drive a campus vehicle or cart, you must do the following:

  1. View the Driving Safety for Carts training attached to this page.
  2. Complete this form acknowledging that you viewed the training: Confirmation of cart training.
  3. Submit a copy of your driver's license to Campus & Public Safety, have a motor vehicle report completed by Campus & Public Safety, and set up hands-on training with Campus & Public Safety.

For more information or to reserve a college car or van please contact Donna Gruhalla 724-223-6012.

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