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Please consider helping your students satisfy their Writing Skills graduation requirement by listing your course as a W-Skills course. This adjustment may require few, if any, changes to your current approach to your course, and allows the students to signal the achievements they have made through their work in your course.

This page contains links to various resources to assist you in integrating writing effectively and efficiently into your courses. If you have questions or topics that you'd like to see developed further here or in a future discussion on teaching writing, please feel free to email me at any time. Ideas for writing assignments in all disciplines are always welcome additions to this page, so if you have any documents that you would be willing to share, please send them along as well. Thanks, and best wishes for your teaching of writing!

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Ideas for Creating Writing Assignments

Research on Effective Feedback Practices

Sample Grading Rubrics

Writing Skills Course Objectives

FAQs for Faculty

What kinds of courses can count toward the W-Skills requirement?  Courses in any field and at any level are eligible, with the greatest need for courses at introductory levels in all fields. Each W-Skills course should include:

  • a minimum of a class-meeting's worth of formal writing instruction: discussion of student work, workshopping, demonstrations with examples, etc.
  • written assignments totaling at least 12 pages should comprise part of the final course grade (this guideline may be adapted for discipline-specific kinds of writing, such as poster presentations in the sciences)
  • opportunities for students to improve their writing based on instructor feedback

Please view the Writing Skills Course Objectives (PDF) for further details.

If you like to integrate writing instruction into your course, you might be interested in some of the rubrics and activities shared by other instructors in the Tips for Creating Writing Assignments (PDF) and The Thesis Machine (PDF) files.

How do I apply to have my course counted toward the W-Skills requirement? The streamlined process is very simple: your chair should simply indicate your intention on the course grid submitted to the Registrar.

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