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How do I get computer and technology support at W&J?

  • The Helpdesk is available to provide technology support. Click here for ways to contact the ITS Helpdesk. You may also visit the Helpdesk in room 121 of the Technology Center.
  • The Helpdesk is limited in how much help we can provide you with your personally owned computer equipment. For example, we will make sure that the network port in your residence hall is working and we can help you get your network settings set up correctly, but we can't help fix broken computers or install software for you. If you need help with a broken computer, we can direct you to some local businesses that perform that kind of work.
  • Many issues people have with their personal computers are the result of spyware and adware software, collectively called malware that is often installed without the knowledge or consent of the computer owner by visiting suspicious websites or by downloading dubious programs. Malware may make your computer run slower and may even keep your computer from working on the network; it is cleaned off a computer by using anti-malware software. The Helpdesk can assist you with the process of detecting and removing malware from your computer.

Can I purchase a computer at a discount because I am a student?

  • IT Services has established several purchasing arrangements with well known companies to provide computer technology and software to students at academic discounted rates. When you purchase computers with the academic discount you may save a percentage from your purchase. 
  • Certain software packages can be quite expensive. With the help of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Pennsylvania (AICUP), we have established an on-line store at Journey Education. This store provides substantial software discounts through Journey's Education's academic discount initiative. Links to on-line stores for Dell, Apple, Microsoft, and Journey Education can be found at our personal IT purchases site.

What are your computer recommendations for incoming students?

  • IT Services does not have any specific computer recommendations beyond getting a computer that runs either Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X. You can visit our page regarding personal IT purchases for a list of vendors where you may receive an educational discount.

How do I get my computer onto the campus network and access the Internet?

How do I register my entertainment device?

Where are the general access computer labs and when are they open?

  • Technology Center lab: open 24/7 (your id card required to enter between 5 PM - 7 AM and weekends)
  • Library lab (Digital Classroom): open until a half-hour before library closes.
  • Burnett Center room 107 lab: open until midnight (your id card required to enter between 5 PM - 12 AM and weekends).
  • Old Main room E lab: open until midnight.

How do I save my work in the computer labs?

  • Each student has 5 GB of network storage space. If you are getting low on space, you will get a notice when you try to save data. Whenever you log onto a computer in a computer lab, your desktop and "My Document" files will be available; any changes you make to the settings of your desktop appearance or your files will be retained because they are all automatically saved to a server.

How do I access my W&J email?

  • You can access your W&J email by logging into Office 365

What if I don't want to use my W&J email account?

  • Sometimes students want to use an off-campus email account like Yahoo!Gmail, or Hotmail. It's fine if you want to continue to use those accounts but your professors will only know how to contact you through your W&J email account. If you don't want to check your W&J email account, please be sure to set it up to forward messages to your other account so that you don't miss any important messages from your professors or others at W&J.

What is WebAdvisor?

  • WebAdvisor is the online system you use to register for courses, drop/add courses, and view your schedule.
  • When you log into WebAdvisor, you will use your W&J username and password.

What is Sakai?

  • Sakai is a learning management system that allows faculty to create websites for individual courses to disseminate course information and provide interactive tools for the class. If you don't see your course listed in Sakai, please contact the faculty member for the course. If you have confirmed that the faculty member has the course published and you are not seeing it, please contact the ITS Helpdesk.
  • You can access Sakai by going to
  • When you log into Sakai, you will use your W&J username and password.

How do I change my W&J password (for logging into computers, accessing email, and accessing Sakai)?

  • There are various methods to change your password.  Please follow this link for the latest instructions.
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