The computer is running really slow.


  1. The hard drive may be close to being full.  See 1 below.
  2. Too many programs may be running at the same time.  See 2 below.
  3. There is not enough RAM (memory) to run the installed programs.  See 3 below.
  4. The computer may have a virus.   If unwanted popups appear; or you are being taken to websites that you didn't click on; or you are receiving a massive amount of unwanted e-mails.  Please contact the Help desk at 724-223-6022 for instructions.
  1. Right click on the C drive.  Select Properties.  The display below will show how much Used and Free space is available.
  2. Open Task Manager and see what is running.  Close any programs that you are not currently working on to increase the computer speed.
  3. In Task Manager, select the Performance tab.  Check the Physical memory.  If the Available memory is closer to zero (0) than the Total memory, you may need a RAM upgrade.