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2008 HHMI Undergraduate Biological Science Education Program Grant Summer 2010 Research Internship Support Proposal Form



To be considered for an HHMI-funded biologically-related internship in Summer,

you must meet the following criteria in addition to completing the steps below:


  • History of academic excellence (minimum 3.0 GPA)


  • Minimum of six courses in Natural Sciences and Mathematics, of which                   at least four must be laboratory sciences, by the December preceding the internship.

Note: for internships with a focus on mathematics, computational biology,                   or bioinformatics, students may substitute relevant MTH and ITL courses.             Contact Dr. Wong or Dr. Holland-Minkley for more information.


1 .   Identify research laboratories in which you would like to intern.

See the “Biologically-related Internships” listing on the Biology Home Page, or in the “Biologically-related Internships” binder in DP104. Also, check with your academic advisor, and Dr. DeBerry, for possible host laboratories.

Priority will be given to proposals for the following:

  •       research in bioinformatics/computational biology
  • research in long-term ecological modeling
  • research that will be continued on-campus as a collaboration                                       with a W&J faculty member (Student-Mentor-Faculty Collaborations)
  • research abroad (International Internships)


2. Contact the PIs (principal investigators) of these labs to determine whether they would be willing to host an undergraduate for a summer research internship.


3.   Once you have found a host laboratory, work with the PI (or their designated representative) to develop and write a proposal for your research. The proposal must be written in the format for an Independent Study Proposal as outlined on the W&J Academic Affairs website.


4.   To apply for funding from W&J’s HHMI grant, complete the attached form. An e-copy of this form, one printed and signed copy of this form, and one copy of your transcript are due to Dr. DeBerry by Wednesday, February 10 .


5.   Have two faculty members or other professionals write letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are due to Dr. DeBerry   by Wednesday, February 10 .

Note: Members of the HHMI IAB are not able to write letters of recommendation for students, as they will be evaluating all applications. The faculty on the IAB are Drs. Lee, DeBerry, Contreras, Bayline, Rembert, Wong, East and Holland-Minkley.






6.   The funding process is competitive. The HHMI grant Internal Advisory Board (HHMI IAB) will meet in March to review the proposals and will inform you whether or not you will be awarded funding.


Internship funding from the College’s HHMI grant is for research internships of            10 weeks working a minimum of 40 hours/week. Funding is a stipend of $4000 and $1000 for living expenses.

You will be expected to arrange your own housing, meals and transportation. The principal investigator and laboratory personnel may be able to help you make arrangements.


7.   During your internship, you will be expected to call or e-mail Dr. DeBerry with regular updates about how the project is proceeding – (724) 223-6120 or


Other requirements:


  • Keep a detailed daily journal, turned in to Dr. DeBerry at the end of the internship. This is not a lab notebook, but a journal/diary of your thoughts and experiences.


  • Present a poster or oral presentation on campus during the October following your HHMI-funded internship. This presentation will be open to the College community.


  • Present a poster or oral presentation during the spring following your             HHMI-funded internship at the Undergraduate Biology Symposium for          Western Pennsylvania


  • Present a poster to the HHMI grant External Advisory Board (EAB) at their  annual on-campus meeting the spring following your HHMI-funded internship.
























Application form for HHMI-funded Internships


Date of Request:

Personal Information


Name: Student ID#:

Major: Phone Number:


2 nd major/minor:


Year (Sr., Jr., Soph.): Birth Date:


Career Objective:



Have you had a previous research internship?

If yes, list the PI, institution, research topic, and dates below.















Project Information


Principal Investigator (PI) with whom you wish to work:









Phone Number:





Major areas of research in the laboratory:







What do you hope to accomplish by working in this laboratory?









References that you will read before starting the project:








Basic concepts that you will review before starting the project:






When have you talked/emailed the investigator about your project? (Give specific dates)







Have you sent the investigator a copy of your transcript?                  Date sent:




Are you willing to have your name given to other students interested in doing a similar project so that they can learn about your internship experience? 





Where will you stay?




What will be the approximate cost for four weeks?




How safe is the location?




How far is it from the laboratory?




Does it have laundry facilities?







How will you travel to and from your housing and the internship location?




What is the approximate mileage (one way)?






Will you have access to a kitchen for preparing meals? If not, where will you eat?





Will you have a meal plan with the research institution?  If not, where will you eat?






Other Considerations


Do you have any health conditions, dietary restrictions or other considerations that you will need to consider?






Would you be able to participate in this internship if you did not receive HHMI funding?




Please list the name, relationship to you, and phone number(s) of two persons to contact in case of emergency during your internship.














Student’s Signature: _________________________________________________________


Academic Advisor’s Signature: ________________________________________________


Off-campus Research Internships Director’s Signature: _____________________________

                (Candy S. DeBerry, Ph.D.)


Research Proposal


Write a proposal for the research that you will do during your internship. Include references and cite them in the proposal. (Note that this is not a personal statement.)

Preparation Statement


Explain how your previous course work, laboratory work, internships, and other related experiences have prepared you for this internship. Include specific information re: topics and techniques involved in your research proposal.












































A copy of this page should be given to individuals

writing letters of recommendation

for students applying for HHMI funding for internships



Note: Members of the HHMI IAB are not able to write letters of recommendation for students,  as they will be evaluating all applications. The faculty on the IAB are Drs. Lee, DeBerry, Contreras, Bayline, Rembert, Wong, East and Holland-Minkley.


Please write an evaluation of the student’s potential as a candidate for an HHMI-funded Research Internship. (Use letterhead stationery.)


The student should have discussed with you the research project s/he plans to do if support is awarded. 



Please submit your letter of recommendation by February 10, 2010 to:


Candy S. DeBerry, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology

Director of Off-campus Research Internships

Washington and Jefferson College

60 South Lincoln Street

Washington, PA  15301

(724) 223-6120






















To be completed by the Off-Campus Supervisor for an HHMI-Sponsored Internship

Please complete this form and return (fax or e-mail) by Wednesday, February 10 to:


Candy S. DeBerry, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology

Director of Off-campus Research Internships

Washington and Jefferson College

60 South Lincoln Street

Washington, PA  15301    (724) 228-3802 (FAX)

I will serve as off-campus supervisor for  ________________________________ (name of student) during Summer 2010 . The student and I have discussed the research project and the reading and preparation he/she will do before the internship begins. I have received the student’s proposal, have       a copy of his/her transcript and feel that this student will be adequately prepared for the internship.     The student will work approximately 40 hours a week for four weeks.


In addition, I give permission for the student to present the research they conducted in my laboratory as a poster at the following: Summer Research Poster Session at W&J College             in October 2010; HHMI External Advisory Board meeting at W&J College in Spring 2011;  Annual Undergraduate Biology Symposium for Western Pennsylvania in Spring 2011         (specific dates TBD).


I will supply a short written evaluation of the student at the end of the internship .               The evaluation is due to Candy DeBerry by September 10, 2010.


I expect the student to be familiar with the following topics and laboratory techniques before they arrive for the internship:













Signature _______________________________________      Date ____________________

Phone ______ ____________________________________

E-mail __________________________________________